Patience is for a Sales Engineer part of the daily business. Waiting for meetings, mails, answers, decisions, meetings, phone conferences, mails, ans….and so on. Some of our projects need years until they become reality, some only months or even weeks.

But there is a second patience you have to have – the patience to survive the time until a new “baby” is born. Especially when it is a “baby” you have been waiting for several years….

Right now we have 2,5 months to go, until we can watch it starting to do its first “steps”. Stay tuned!

2014-03-12 15.46.04

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New Cartridge Filler CF 60 – 22

Sometimes potential customers call and ask us for a quotation for a “standard cartridge filler”. This is one of the moments generating a smile in our faces, since there is no such thing like a “standard” or “universal solution”.

Schwerdtel is specialized in tailor made solutions, matching customers needs and requirements, caused by the nature of our customers products. One of the most challenging products is without any doubt Automotive Polyurethane like Windshield Sealants. Absolute air free filling and special cartridges ask for special technical solutions.

As a consequence, our new generation of cartridge Fillers type CF will be complemented now by version CF 60 / 22 – a machine with extended machine frame (transport rake with 22 instead of 12 cartridge positions). The extended version is necessary because there must be enough space inside the machine to integrate besides filling, plunger inserting, plunger control and ink-jet printing also a silica gel capsule placing station and metal seaming lid station. At the end you get a perfectly filled aluminum cartridge with plastic plunger, silica gel capsule, perfectly air tight sealed metal lid (standard or ring pull) and print with the production data.

Welcome CF 60 / 22 !


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American Coating Show

For the first time Schwerdtel will exhibit this year also at the American Coating Show in Atlanta.

AmericanCoatingShowbigWe would be absolutely pleased to welcome you at our booth #1261 (next to the Industry Buyers Lounge) where we will co-exhibit with our friends from ProfiL-Clip

Looking forward to meeting you in Atlanta!

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New Cartridge Buffer System CB500

Another new developement adds to our range of products – an accumulator system for filled cartridges to be placed between cartridge filler and case packer. We call it CB500 because it is able to store more than 500 cartridges. This allows changes at the cartridge case packer like e.g. packing pattern, boxes with different print or just to replace the tape for closing of the boxes.

Please contact us for further questions.


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New stand-alone Labeling Unit for Sealant Cartridges

More and more of our customers asked us during the last years for a stand-alone labeling unit. Since most of them use already a certain labeling unit model in their factories, we decided to design a module which allows the integration of a labeling unit supplied by the customer.

Latest state of the art laser detectors allow the precise orientation of  the cartridge prior to label application.

Please contact us for further information.

Schwerdtel Labeling Unit

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Packexpo Las Vegas 2013

This morning our pop up displays arrived. The cases are slightly bigger then expected, so we were in need of the proper transport vehicle…





Looking forward to meeting you at our Booth S6059 !!!!

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New Cartridge Filler S8-B850 for Quart Cartridges

This week our new cartridge filler for 850 ml Quart Cartridges will leave the factory and go on a “cruise ship tour”.

The machine is a special version of our well-known cartridge filler S8-B with electric dosing and electric transport system. Throughput – depending on viscosity of the product – is in the range of 25 – 30 cartridges a minute.

S8-B850 S8-B850:3

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NEW CF Split Stream

Some of our customers may already have heard about our “Split Stream” Technolgy – some of them already have such a system. Since spring 2013 we have a new generation based on the CF – cartridge filler family: CF Split Stream

CF Split StreamSmall

The basic idea is still the same – dose with the upstream SCHWERDTEL In-Line Mixer (e.g. SD-XKV for color matching) 620 ml, pass the static mixer, split the static mixer and fill at the same time two cartridges with 310 ml content.

Funktions-Schema_001 Model (1

The clear advantage is, that you will get approx. 75% more throughput then with a single head filler connected to an In-Line Mixer.

Some people try in the meantime to copy what we are already doing since several years and so it was time for the next step.

The CF machines are not only focusing on reliability and performance – especially ergonomics and simple maintenance and operation procedures were main challenges during the development. At the end we have features like the patented quick release turn-off pipe, the patented quick release cartridge carrier system, the tool-free dismantle solution for transport rake and walking beam and the tool free quick dismantle solution for the plunger housing in the plunger inserting station.

We simply tried again to make the difference and to offer to our customers a solution which gives clear advantages.


Of course there are many more interesting and valuable features, but it is most probably not a smart idea to post it in the WWW. Just give us a call or send us a mail and we will be pleased to tell you in real life more about it.

Stay save!
Your Schwerdtel Team

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Next Generation

One year ago we proudly presented at ACHEMA the latest generation of Schwerdtel Cartridge Fillers: CF-60
In the meantime it has become a complete family of machines:

Single Head Filler CF-60
Dual Head Filler CF-100
Dual Head Filler for connection to our In-Line-Mixing Systems CF Split Stream

2013-07-02 11.16.23
Schwerdtel CF Split Stream

All of them include the latest state-of-art features like

-tool-free product contacted parts
– ultra-quick-exchangable dosing unit
– quality control technologies
– perfect ergonomic design

Do you want to learn more? Just contact us!

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Sweet letters…

Sometimes we receive extremely interesting mails…

…at the moment we’re looking to replace a cartridge packaging machine S8-A/12 of Chinese manufacture, which proved to be quite unreliable…

Sad to hear about wasted money.

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