The next big thing

Do you remember March and our article about patience ?

Now it is time to talk “nuts and bolts”. Exactly one year ago we showed the first time the new Cartridge Filler S8-B850 for Quart Cartridges.

S8-B850 is the tailor made solution for products of higher viscosity which can be horizontally filled. Easy and convenient front accessability of all stations inside the machine except the dosing unit are the clear advantage of horizontal fillers.

But there is also a range of lower viscous products with self leveling characteristics in the market which need a different – a vertical – solution. And here we go: S8-V900

Schwerdtel Cartridge Filler S8-V900

Schwerdtel Cartridge Filler S8-V900

It can run on both standard cartridges: plastic with short nozzle and plastic plungers as well as composite with metal/plastic plungers.

850 ml cartridges

850 ml cartridges

Various options such as plunger lubrification, ink jet or laser printing or plunger control station with automatic ejection station are available. It goes without saying that the Cartridge Filler S8-V900 (like all our cartridge fillers) can be connected upstream to one of our in-line static mixer systems like the SD-3K, SD-7K or the extremely flexible SD-XKV
For case packing we can offer you in cooperation with one of our partners also a solution to fully automate your production.

Please contact us for further details

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