NEW CF Split Stream

Some of our customers may already have heard about our “Split Stream” Technolgy – some of them already have such a system. Since spring 2013 we have a new generation based on the CF – cartridge filler family: CF Split Stream

CF Split StreamSmall

The basic idea is still the same – dose with the upstream SCHWERDTEL In-Line Mixer (e.g. SD-XKV for color matching) 620 ml, pass the static mixer, split the static mixer and fill at the same time two cartridges with 310 ml content.

Funktions-Schema_001 Model (1

The clear advantage is, that you will get approx. 75% more throughput then with a single head filler connected to an In-Line Mixer.

Some people try in the meantime to copy what we are already doing since several years and so it was time for the next step.

The CF machines are not only focusing on reliability and performance – especially ergonomics and simple maintenance and operation procedures were main challenges during the development. At the end we have features like the patented quick release turn-off pipe, the patented quick release cartridge carrier system, the tool-free dismantle solution for transport rake and walking beam and the tool free quick dismantle solution for the plunger housing in the plunger inserting station.

We simply tried again to make the difference and to offer to our customers a solution which gives clear advantages.


Of course there are many more interesting and valuable features, but it is most probably not a smart idea to post it in the WWW. Just give us a call or send us a mail and we will be pleased to tell you in real life more about it.

Stay save!
Your Schwerdtel Team

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